Studio 22 – (The Annex)

Address: 7 Fountayne Rd,
N15 4QL

During this relaxing Double Planet Gong Bath, the frequencies of Mercury and Uranus converge in a harmonious perfect fifth chord. Exposure to the mesmerizing sound of the gongs induces a meditative state, offering a profound journey of inner exploration.

The gongs, in their gentle resonance, retune the frequencies within our bodies, facilitating the restoration of energy flow and the release of energy blocks. Each planetary Gong frequency targets specific aspects of our holistic well-being. Mercury amplifies our capacity to breathe deeply, enhances mental clarity, and empowers us with proactive decision-making abilities.

On the other hand, Uranus takes us on a journey into the uncharted, enabling us to perceive the world from fresh and unconventional perspectives. This transformative force equips us with the tools to make meaningful changes in our lives, fostering growth and enlightenment.

Before and after the Gong Bath, we will immerse ourselves in the sacred practice of chanting the OM mantra. OM is considered the very essence of the universe’s sound, as beautifully stated in The Yoga Upanishads: “Once you become this sound, no further knowledge is needed.” Chanting OM allows us to align with the universal vibration, transcending the need for additional wisdom.

As our voices unite in harmonious resonance, they will meld into a seamless flow of melodies, working to attune our frequencies to the state of unconditional love. This collective sonic journey not only brings us closer to the universal essence but also fosters a deep sense of interconnectedness and inner peace.

Gong Master Matteo possesses 24 years of experience in harnessing the power of frequencies while sharing his deep knowledge of Yoga. His rich background in Piano, Classical, Jazz, Electronic music, and Composition allows him to approach the enchanting world of these instruments with a truly unique and musical perspective. In his Sound Healing practice, Matteo integrates active sound healing techniques, including the transformative power of chanting.

Matteo’s exceptional sensitivity to both energy and sound creates a space for a profound journey of healing and revelation. Join him on a transformative experience that will guide you through a profound exploration of healing and self-discovery.

Disclaimer Gong Baths may not be suitable for individuals with pacemakers, epilepsy, or those who are pregnant. It’s important to note that while Gong Baths offer holistic sound healing properties, they are not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. Please consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or medical conditions before participating in a Gong Bath. Your well-being and safety are our top priorities

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