We Are Light




Whalthamstow Marshes

Address: 7HG, Coppermill Ln, London

Mercury and Uranus frequencies are matched in a perfect fifth chord in this Double Planet Gong Bath in the park. When the body is exposed for a certain amount of time to the gongs sound, a state of meditation is induced. The gongs retune our bodies frequencies and restore energy flow, releasing stored stress blockages. It’s common to sleep very peacefully after a gong bath session. Each planet Frequency works on specific aspects of our holistic self. Mercury enhances our capacity to breathe, our clarity of mind and decision making, a proactive force. Uranus gives us a glimpse into the unknown, allowing us to see things from a different angle, and making us able to innovate and transform our lives.

A Chanted OM meditation will be sung before and after the gong baths. We will tune all together and practice active Sound Healing. The sound of our voices is the most pure instrument of healing.

Gong Player: Matteo has been vibrating frequencies for 30 years, his background in Piano, Classical, Jazz, Electronic music and Composition lets him approach the sound of this marvellous instruments in a way which is uniquely musical. His Sound Healing approach includes active Sound healing through chanting. Matteo’s sensitivity to sound will bring you into a space like journey of healing and epiphanies.

Disclaimer: The Gong Baths might not be right for those who have a pacemaker, are suffering from epilepsy or are pregnant. The holistic sound healing properties of the Gongs are not a substitute for medical advice.

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