Once upon a time in Rome, the Eternal city, I met myself in Yoga. I was 17, Pina the Teacher, was living with her husband inside a redeveloped bus on a land where she was running a dog hotel. Quite a start hey. It was Hatha Yoga. I was studying music and moving my first steps inside a Philosophical vision of the world. Not long after I moved outside of Rome in the beautiful Bracciano’s lake. My yoga research didn’t stop, I looked up for a Yoga course in the area and found a Kundalini Yoga class. I was turning 21, I dived very deep into it, very soon. The aspects of meditation and Prana-yama united to the chanting of mantras opened up new spaces and new levels for me. A couple of years of being a student, and my teacher pushed me to become a teacher. Back then Teacher trainings were only taught by the Master himself. Excited, in 1998 I attended what turned out to be the very last Master’s Touch course ever. The training was hard but very transformative. My former student life had finished and my teaching one had started.

The process of learning and discovery has yet to end. The strong focused practice made me further deep my feet. Bhakti yoga, the devotional aspect of Yoga spoke to me in the practice of “Jaapa” (repetition of sacred words) . I did connect so much with the Sikh sacred scriptures that I went to India. I was in Amritsar first to visit the Golden temple and then to Goindwal to do the 84 steps: a 19 hour meditation that consists in 84 Japji Sahib readings. One for each steps, and trust me the problem is not the reading but the steps. It was a transcendental experience. One I will hardly forget. After many years of experimenting with the kryas and meditations of KYTYB Kundalini Yoga as Taught By Yogi Bhajan, I felt I neede to further my studies. I went back to the source of Yoga: the Yoga Upanishads, parts of the Hindu Scriptures. (Which I have linked into the Resource page for everyone to read). Thing have changed a lot in the way I teach and S.O.U.L Yoga is a syncretism of all my experiences. I believe the only teacher and Master and Guru is sitting inside each of us. To awaken it we need to be responsible for all of our actions, we need to be fully present, mindful and unconditionally loving.

Along the same roads and times, I was growing my passion for the study of music and frequencies. I dipped int Synths, Piano, Drums, Tibetan bowls and Gongs. Whilst at the Yoga Festival, I was always attending the Gong Baths in the cave run by a memorable Teacher from Berlin, Nanakdev Singh who sadly lefthis physical body now but certainly is present through the healing he brought to many and many souls. I remember reading in the history of music that Egyptians were the only civilisation that was considering Musicians at the same level as Pharaohs. It stayed with me. They were considered to be able to communicate with “God”. I agree with them, Music is the language of the Universe, one that we all understand without knowing it’s grammar.

My insatiable curiosity got me close to the Oriental world Tout court, not limited to India but expanded to all Asian cutures. In recent years I studied Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui. I like to describe Feng shui as a form of “Space Yoga”. In the same way in which we can identify and improve the body energy flow, we can identify and improve space energy flow. Yoga, Feng Shui, and Sacred Geometry all overlap working on the energy flow through angles.