Kundalini Energy Lighthouse
LIVE ONLINE WORLD SUPPORT WEEKLY PROGRAM In order to #f*CKCOv19 I decided to open a weekly online program to sustain humanity getting through this difficult moment and reaching out to everyone in the world who can't get out of their houses to practice or doesn't want to risk any contamination with the Virus COv19. 
 ALTERNATIVE TIMES If you are a group or an individual who would like to see if we could setup a different time please send me a message through the form or pop me a what's app. WEEKLY SCHEDULE (GMT+00) LONDON UK MON - FRIDAY 9:30am to 11 am 7:30 pm to 9 pm

4 pm to 5:30 pm

MORNING CLASS, Zoom registration link: CLICK HERE
EVENING CLASS, Zoom registration link: CLICK HERE
WEEKEND CLASS, Zoom registration link: CLICK HERE
90-120 min class Kundalini Energy Yoga 
The classes explore the ancient Kundali -mata. 
The Kundalini energy spoken of in the Egyptian and Hindu scriptures resides at the base of our spine and is visualised like a coiled snake. 
In the same way you can't see a coiled snake until it moves the Kundalini energy is only perceivable once is awaken. The Rishis (yogis) in their long exploration described and found ways of awakening this infinite source of energy through different techniques: PRANAYAMA, the art of breathing and using the Prana ( vital energy= air) and drive it through the energetic channels present in the body called Nadis. BANDHAS: body energy locks, contractions of specific parts of the body to move Kundala up from the Muladhara Chakra up to Sahashrara. KRYAS: s ( action) single or series of exercises to clear up the Nadis and restore the flow of energy. MANTRAS: Use of Naad Yoga the yoga of sound. MUDRAS: (seals) positions of the hands with the specific purpose of connecting selected energetic channels. MEDITATION: combination of Pranayama, Mudras, Kryas, Mantras. RELAXATION.

(I always get a bit longer so have that spare 30 min there to relax )
 One to one: 22£ once booked please send a what's app message to +44(0)7772 955 639.

Please send 8£ with paypal to matteopizzarello@gmail.com 
"to friends and family" DONATION OPTION SUPPORT 
If you are unable to attend due to lack of funds please do join 
sending a donation of what you can through Paypal to the same email stating donation and the class you would like to attend.

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