We Are Light


S.O.U.L Yoga 60 Min ||| Markfield Park ||| Every Monday 7 – 8 am

S.O.U.L Yoga is a holistic form of yoga that roots back in the Yoga Upanishads and works with Kundalini Energy, Pranayama, Meditation, posture, sacred geometry alignments, and sound (Naad Yoga). S.O.U.L stands for Sutra Of Unconditional Love. All our limits stem out of a single emotion, the fear of death. To escape such fear we create attachments to things, relationships, ideas, and emotions. These “safe” attachments become the sources of our pain. By stepping out of our fear we access unconditional love towards ourselves and towards the universe

Teacher: Matteo has been practicing for 30 years and teaching since 24. After studying Hatha and Kundalini yoga, he has gone back to the very roots: the Study of The Yoga Upanishads. S.O.U.L is the ever-evolving result of such research. YOGA in its pure sense means: “to be present with all of your senses”. A simple powerful holistic presence. The practice focuses on slow conscious movements and poses united to calming and focusing Pranayama. The posture is re-aligned by letting the body relax and return to its harmony. A conscious process of mindful listening to our bodies.